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rty Time Services Successors Limited | History About The Company

Party Time Services Successors Limited has been servicing the needs of function organizers and their customers for over 40 years. Its loyal customers have given back their wholehearted support in making it a brand everyone has come to trust, with a goodwill and reputation it has come to be known for.

In 2005, it came under the ownership and leadership of Orville Arscott, an Electrical Engineer, formerly
of Jamaica Public Service Company. Armed with an Msc in Management Information System from the
University of The West Indies, he bought the company and he set out with a visionary enthusiasm to
shape the future of a dynamic company with the potential to serve its growing list of customers.
The owners back then was thinking of selling and Orville Arscott got wind of it, and learned that she was
losing interest in the business. He quickly went over the books, and saw the potential to serve many
customers – which it wasn’t as yet – and as the say, the rest is history.

The Company started in a lease property on South Avenue, but was given notice to leave after an initial
lease period of only three years. Mr. Arscott found a place and he made another lease arrangement, at
the end of which he was notified the place would be sold. He was a visionary and he was bold – he
decided he would buy the place. He made tremendous sacrifices and today he owns the property at 15
Grants Pen Road. It has witnessed many changes, all with the goal of serving more customers, serving
them better and making all transactions easier for the customer, with advances in technology.
Party Time Services has seen some needed and vibrant changes through the years, all with a view to
more satisfactorily meet the growing demands of its emerging customers. It has also boldly embraced
the exciting technological opportunities with its staff and customers. Originally, the Company catered to
such events as weddings and corporate functions. Its main emphasis was the provision of tables, chairs,
food-warmers, and utensils.

Over the past 11 years at the current location, Party Times Services has been growing from strength to
strength. It has expanded its offerings beyond rental chairs, tables and cutleries; but has offered its
appreciative customers such things as security barriers, tents, and portable loos. The Party Time Services team can proudly say they have ranked Party Time Services in the top names in Jamaica in rentals. But the company does not believe in sitting on its laurels. The ultimate aim is to become a household name through serving its customers, and serving them better – by finding more economical and easier ways. The staff has caught the vision and is excited about the looming opportunities on the company’s horizon.
Customers can now easily identify the name Party Time Services proudly displayed on the side doors,
front and back of its vehicles. At any given time on Jamaica’s road, in any of the fourteen parishes, its
expanded vehicle fleet of four delivery units have been clearly marked with its tell-tale logo. The fact is
that it is using an avenue for their customers to easily see them – which they do. They use all
possibilities: from the unit with the artwork to the yellow pages – which means they can be found online
with Facebook or Google. Another exciting thing being worked on right now, which customers will
appreciate is the development of a company website which will allow them to place their orders to
Party Time Services from anywhere.

Party Time Services is a member of the national contracts committee, is fully tax compliant and so is in a
very good place to take both large and small contracts. This is to enable them to be attractive to all kinds
of customers. Orville Arscott is adamant about adding “A Touch of Elegance to Any Occasion”, and that
is only possible by serving all kinds of customers. Through the years, Party Time Services has been a
staple at functions such as Shaggy and Friends, Rebel Salute, JCDC Festival, Seville Emancipation Vigil –
with whom they work a lot. They have even sponsored Festival Queen. They work closely with major
players in the events field such as Main Events and Starlight Productions, Vantage One, etc.
Party Time Services is at an exciting time in its history.

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